Scanning technique

  • In younger/smaller patients (< 40 kg) a high-frequency linear transducer provides the best images
  • In older/bigger children, a low-frequency curvilinear transducer may be required


An 11-year-old patient (23.2kg, 1.28 mL/kg of fluid). The antrum appears empty in supine position and distended with hypoechoic content in the right lateral decubitus (RLD), consistent with a grade 1.

Legend: Ao: aorta A: antrum; C: colon; L: liver; P: pancreas; Sma: superior mesenteric artery; Yellow arrows: antrum.

Gastric volume assessment

  • Gastric volume may be calculated based on antral CSA and the patient’s age
  • The following model has been developed for children based on a cohort of 100 fasted children between the ages of 11 months and 17 years old

Volume = -7.8 + (3.5 X RLD CSA) + (0.127) x age (months)

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