2. applied anatomy

  • The gastric antrum:
    • Is the most amenable to sonographic examination and accurately reflects the content of the entire stomach
    • Hollow viscus with a prominent multi-layer wall
    • Between the liver (anteriorly) and the pancreas (posteriorly)
    • Important landmarks:
      • Left lobe of the liver
      • Pancreas
      • Aorta
  • Inferior vena cava
  • Superior mesenteric artery and vein
  • Is usually located superficially (3-4 cm)

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Blue line: scanning plane; A: antrum; Ao: aorta; L: liver; P: pancreas; Sma: superior mesenteric artery


A: antrum; Ao: aorta; C: colon; L: liver; P: pancreas; SI: small intestine; Sma: superior mesenteric artery; Smv: superior mesenteric vein; Sp: spine